Communications: Strategic Messaging Development


  • Create excitement in highly competitive environment through strong messaging
  • Develop messaging that reflects corporate strategy
  • Adapt messaging to various stakeholders
  • Achieve alignment of messaging from global to local
  • Incorporate stories to bring the messaging to life
  • Test the messaging with challenging questions and intersperse appropriately
  • Create 2-minute elevator pitch reflecting newly developed messaging


  • Before the workshop
    • Develop targeted, focused objectives, prework, and best methodology
    • Research target industry and competitive landscape
    • Review current and future corp. strategy to incorporate in program
    • Send out questionnaire via email to get input from all participants
    • Gather results and discusses with company rep to tailor program
  • During the workshop
    • List all potential stakeholders/audiences and why they should care!
    • Do a data dump/brainstorming session re: content
    • Decide on key messages for various stakeholders
    • Develop supporting stories for each key message
    • Prioritize messaging
    • Fine-tune wording according to stakeholders involved
    • Create memorable “Take Away” messages
    • Create 2-minute elevator pitch reflecting messaging
    • Practice answering challenging questions incorporating messages and stories

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