“The difference between success and failure in selling oneself, ideas, products, or company’s equity, is how well you communicate. Most of us don’t perform to our potential. Cindy works on a one on one basis to bring out that potential. She has helped CEO’s in our portfolio to improve the odds of success.”
—Barry Weinman, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Allegis Capital

“I always thought that being an effective communicator is a natural born talent. Cindy helps me recognize that it is a learnable skill. Her dynamic approach centers not only on the techniques, do’s and don’ts of public speaking, she also brings out my uniqueness and shows me how to leverage my personal delivery style to connect with the audience. The art of communication that I learned from Cindy will benefit me the rest of my life.”
—Karman Wong, Senior Manager, Special Acquisitions Group,
   Deloitte Tax LLP

“My own experience working with Cindy Steiner was intense, hands on, hard work which produced direct, immediate results for me -- and for our organization! That is what you will experience and what you will receive! A great coach when your business success depends on you!”

—Donna Vuchinich, President, University of Hawaii Foundation

“Having the opportunity to spend some focused time working on overall presentation skills is always something to be valued. Cindy gave good, honest feedback that was thoughtfully considered and delivered in a positive way. An excellent investment of both time and money regardless of whether it’s to support a specific goal or just general business skills refinement.”

—John Lambert, CEO, Virtutech

“I first met Cindy Steiner through a personal coaching communication assignment which was a bonus I received from a world leader in media. Not only did my presentation skills get perfected, but by the end of the assignment, I was able to do professional public speaking which was an added value. I have since hired Cindy to work with my staffs at various companies which, once again, has proven to be a great success!”

—Marylou Berk, former COO, Dresdner, Kleinwort, Wasserstein

“Cindy has been a great asset to several CEO’s that I’ve worked with. Her involvement can help an executive tell their story more effectively and make an important difference in a fundraising process.”

—Peter Gardner, Managing Director, Wavepoint Ventures

“I’ve hired Cindy to conduct presentation training at several companies where I worked over the years. For example, at Ernst & Young, Cindy conducted presentation training sessions for many of our CPAs and consultants for several years. She was very successful in improving the way our people presented themselves to our clients. I recommend her services to any executives who need to polish their communications and professional presence.”

—Dianna Eckford, former Director of Training & Development,
   Ernst & Young

“Your tips on everything were invaluable, from gestures, to posture, to mike placement, to engaging the audience. … I’m so appreciative of the tips. I feel much better prepared for my next speaking engagement. Thanks so much for such great coaching”.

—Linda Tirado, PhD, Founder & Managing Partner,
   The Strayer Consulting Group, Inc.

"I just wanted to write a recommendation for Cindy Steiner - she is the best executive coach I have ever met in both my role as CEO and as CSO. I find her to be incredibly insightful as well as working hard on helping a person achieve their best results professionally and personally. She works on making you a complete professional and person. I have enjoyed working with her incredibly and she is my favorite executive coach. I would recommend her to anyone."

—Paul Mabray, former CEO, Inertia Beverage Group; current CSO, VinTank


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