CEO Fundraising Pitch Preparation & Coaching

For CEO investor presentation coaching, I recommend a pre-consult meeting of up to 2 hours to go over their current presentation, plus a minimum of three 3-hour video-taping sessions, with a 2-hour follow-up.

The coaching is tailored to the individual needs and specific audiences: for example, presentations for investors, analysts, VCs, the Media, the Board, merger/acquisition, etc.

1) Client sends me the presentation and I review it for content, flow, messaging, etc.
2) Two-hour pre-consult meeting: I meet with CEO (in person or over the phone) who talks me through the presentation to evaluate clear messaging, value proposition loud and clear, transitions, flow, opening and closing, key messages repeated as appropriate, etc.
3) First video-taping session. Focus on creating one-minute elevator pitch, delivery style, power wording, strong messaging, showing “where the money is” on every slide, introduction to formula for handling Q&A.
4) Second video-taping session: Focus on delivery, flow, fielding Q&A that interrupt the flow, techniques to keep on track and/or bring everyone back with your key messages. (CFO may join this session to work on presenting with the CEO and handing off, etc.)
5) Third video-taping session: Focus on “Dress Rehearsal”, delivering the presentation, fielding questions that interrupt the flow, techniques to keep on track while being “fired at” with lots of questions not pertinent to the topic being discussed at the moment. (When appropriate, CFO presents here to guarantee flow and “teamwork”.)
6) Two-hour follow-up session after having presented a few times. Focus on rehearsal, flow, any issues that have come up, etc.

Deliverables - The client leaves with:

  • a concise, well-structured presentation focused on the target audience -- investors

  • value proposition strategically positioned and emphasized

  • a script with transitions to aid story flow, clear key messages and strategic positioning

  • video-tape of each session showing the progress in messaging, style, handling Q&A

  • emailed coaching notes after each session with action plan

  • my book: Present with Punch!

  • presentation check list

  • presentation plan "template" and “Table of Contents for an Investor Presentation”

  • more confident, convincing delivery style to move the audience to the desired action

  • a formula for handling Q & A

  • a one-minute elevator pitch following 7 step formula for investors

  • techniques to feel “bullet proof” when handling investor questions that interrupt flow


Several video-taping sessions and playbacks; one-on-one coaching re: strategic positioning and value proposition emphasis; media coaching; practice on Q&A where I fire investor-type questions at random so they’ll be “bullet proof” when we’re finished; work on delivery style; constructive critique with tools and techniques to try, playback, and evaluate - all regarding effectiveness according to their personality, style and audience.


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