Executive Image Development

The Executive Look

Learn to “walk the walk” to enhance executive presence and professional demeanor. This module addresses basic leadership skills: essential interpersonal communication skills, delegating authority, meeting management, facilitating discussion, problem solving, gaining consensus, active listening skills, etc. Also addressed are physical characteristics and traits: body language, posture, stance, gestures, movement, eye contact, dress, hair, hygiene, and more.

Executive Eloquence

Learn to “talk the talk”: Sound confident and convincing in your verbal and interpersonal communications. This module addresses voice, pause, appropriate word choice, conciseness, phone etiquette, conducting video-conferences, clarifying questions and answering effectively, managing meetings, gaining consensus, delegating authority, making people feel valued and motivated, etc.

Present with Punch

Learn how to “present with punch” to the Board of Directors, the Media, investors, analysts, clients, customers, colleagues, and more. This module addresses the following areas:

  • analyzing listeners/ audience

  • messaging and organization for strategic positioning

  • creating an elevator pitch for a specific audience

  • involving the audience in an interactive manner

  • using PowerPoint slides effectively

  • keeping your cool in challenging/ hostile situations

  • handling audience dynamics

  • enhancing your personal delivery style

  • answering questions clearly, concisely, and effectively

Basic Cultural Issues

Learn to understand basic cultural differences that can hinder communications. Areas covered: differences in management styles, logic flow American style versus Rest of World, does and don’ts (country specific upon request), gesturing, abrasive versus aggressive, candy-coating the pill, etc.


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