“The difference between success and failure in selling oneself, ideas, products, or company’s equity, is how well you communicate. Most of us don’t perform to our potential. Cindy works on a one-on-one basis to bring out that potential. She has helped CEO’s in our portfolio to improve the odds of success.”
—Barry Weinman,
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Allegis Capital








Executive Coaching
Cindy has helped clients raise more than $1Billion in fund-raising rounds, IPOs and M&A

Transition Management for Executives

  • Career Rehabilitation
  • Self Positioning/Branding
  • Image Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resume Best Practices
  • Video-Taped Mock Interviews

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Communications: Strategic Messaging Development

  • Create excitement in highly competitive environment through strong messaging
  • Develop messaging that reflects corporate strategy
  • Adapt messaging to various stakeholders
  • Achieve alignment of messaging from global to local
  • Incorporate stories to bring the messaging to life
  • Test the messaging with challenging questions and intersperse appropriately
  • Create 2-minute elevator pitch reflecting newly developed messaging

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Essential Information for Corporate Women
Steiner International Communications is proud to offer a series of three workshops developed with experienced leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Marne Platt, founder of Fundamental Capabilities. Each of these is designed to give women the skills and confidence they need at major career steps, to master the unwritten rules as they rise to the top. More information...
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Essential Information for Corporate Women

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